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What are the genre conventions of the Rocky Horror Picture S essays

What are the genre conventions of the Rocky Horror Picture S essays The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just one type of genre it is a mixture of four different genres. The genres are; horror, sci-fi, musical and b-movie. This film has a very complex iconography, as it is such an unusual mix of genres. As it is part horror you would expect to see; death, blood, killers and victims. As part of a musical you expect to see people singing and dancing a lot. As part of a sci-fi you expect to see; special effects, strange creatures and aliens. This film dose mostly meets your expectations but what it is really doing is playing with your expectations. Like the sci-fi aspect is the fact that everyone except for Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott are from another planet, the horror aspect is actually a rip off from Dr. Frankenstein with the creation of life (Dr. Frank-N-Furter builds a man) and the musical aspect is that in nearly every scene there is a song being sung. The thematic concerns of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I feel, is about how people saw homosexuals/transsexuals, in the 1970s when the fear of homosexuals was high, as aliens form another planet, as they do not have the same sexuality preferences. People feared them, as they did not understand them and their choice of living. There is also the notion that transsexuals have no morals and the price you pay for being associated with a transsexual is that they will try to turn you in to a transsexual. The Rocky Horror Picture Show represents, mostly, the sexuality and the exploration of sexuality of the characters. For example Brad starts out being totally straight, so straight he doesnt think about there even being homosexuals let alone associating with them and he is engaged to Janet. But halfway through he has sexual intercourse with Dr. Frankinferter and enjoys it. This was very disturbing for men who saw this film when it was first released and even now days some men still find it disturbing to watch. ...

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Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 8

Education - Essay Example Like Malcolm X, there comes a point when education means learning from people outside of the academe. Certain individuals in our Korean society, at least those within my immediate community, have in one way or the other affected the way I think whether in reference to my studies or an aspect relevant to my social life. When Malcolm X’s discriminating eighth-grade instructor told him â€Å"no realistic goal for a nigger† exists at the time he was one of the best students who had foreseen career in law, the moment clearly marked a turning point in his educational decision. Mere words, thus, could ‘make or break’ a person and likewise, some of my perceptions during secondary years at school had been impacted by teachers and classmates in and out of academic discussions. Due to such an experience, I could say that formal scholastic training would be inadequate if a student neglects or fails to have access to other modes of learning. In my case, it was very esse ntial to get in touch with people in different ways. By the time I developed the habit of cramming prior to taking major exams back then, I was in constant need of companions who would either assist me in reviewing difficult subjects, especially the ones I got rid of the most, or simply accompany me for leisure or relaxing break after studying. I crammed so much that I ended up obtaining unpleasant grades that were quite bothersome not only to me but to my parents, concerned friends, and instructors at school who had seen and believed in my potentials. As it made me look into myself, I discovered that while I desired all along to keep up with my studies, I missed setting my priorities right. Friends who were fond of ‘happy-go-lucky’ times, I observed, bore a huge influence in the sense that I had spent an ample amount of time hanging out with them in parties, getaways, shopping, and even petty dates. Little did I realize that instead of having relief from stress of scho olwork, I earned distractions which reflected poor time management and lack of self-control on my part. I used to think that I could study well if I had moments to unwind first, so as to dissolve external pressures and worries which I thought might get in the way of focus but the more I seek to charge myself with wonderful mood as such, the more I became exhausted. The strength meant to have been reserved for making notes and working on assignments was all sapped, making me feel the need to have plenty of rest so that I crammed often. As a consequence, rather than getting properly organized with the lessons already taught, I unconsciously settled on losing my train of smooth thinking and whenever the trouble with discontinuity persisted, I would struggle with comprehension or with coping to recall subject matters dealt with. Though oppression was rare in the previous school I attended, students in general took part in throwing and receiving criticism. Somehow, this was embedded in o ur system of education and inevitably worked to test how strong a character could get, I suppose. Since I could not afford to let the situation with harshly criticizing individuals affect my personal growth in a negative way, I typically perceived comments as a sign of challenge capable of creating an opportunity for me to enhance my overall skills. It was not easy to

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Occupational therapist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Occupational therapist - Essay Example As an occupational therapist, I must be able to encourage my patients to do what he or she can to recover despite the limitations of their injury. I witnessed firsthand the difficulty patients can have when I saw my father lose his ability to perform the role of father and breadwinner for my family. I was able to remain calm and patient because I understood that he was not angry with me but because his injury prevented him from working and living up to the responsibilities of fatherhood. This was a challenge, but my values saw me through to the other side. I have worked very hard for the last few years to pursue a career as an occupational therapist. I became the first member of my family to graduate from high school in the United States. I will also be the first to acquire an Associates Degree. I plan on attending Dominican University and completing a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. I truly believe that I could be an asset to your university. I am a natural multi-tasker who has the ability to succeed and reach the top in each situation. I have a wide range of interests and knowledge to contribute to the field of occupational therapy. I can ensure you that you are not making the wrong decision my accepting my letter of admission. I will not only work hard to prove myself worthy of your acceptance but I will work hard to surpass your expectations. I have proven in the past that I care about others and am motivated by an intrinsic desire to help others.

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Kazakhstans Rough Road to Wto Accession Essay Example for Free

Kazakhstans Rough Road to Wto Accession Essay But talks with the WTO chief revealed a number of hurdles blocking Kazakhstans entrance into the WTO, particularly agricultural reform (Kazakhstanskaya pravda, August 27). Over the last decade the government has taken steps to increase agricultural efficiency through land privatization and financial support for farmers. But these half-hearted measures have failed to produce radical changes. Most small farmers and individual households cannot secure bank credits due to high interest rates. Without credit, it is difficult to increase production. Speaking one month ago in Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan, an expert from Kazakhstans Ministry of Agriculture, Akzhol Abdukalimov, noted that the country lags at least three years behind Russia in terms of processing its agricultural yield. He added that only 19 of Kazakhstans more than 600 agricultural processing enterprises were planning to introduce ISO international quality standards. Inefficient processing facilities and high production costs are among the main factors that make Kazakh agricultural produce uncompetitive even in domestic markets. Abdukalimov admitted that Kazakhstan still imports 88% of its condensed milk, 70% of its cooking oil, and 30% of its sausages. Last year only 16% of the meat and 13% of the milk produced in Kazakhstan were processed. The poor state of agricultural production minimizes the overall effect of the much-trumpeted positive economic performance. The national Statistical Agency registered 9. 1% GDP growth in the first half of this year. But the growth in agricultural sector was a paltry 5. 2%, compared to a 9. % increase in industrial output and 12% growth in transport and communications. Not surprisingly, these apparent statistical gains are actively used for propaganda purposes. Recently Prime Minister Danial Akhmetov boasted that the high economic achievements recorded in Kazakhstan for five consecutive years were characteristic of the states that hold leading positions in the world. Many analysts are more cautious in forecasting the pace of the economy in coming years. They attribute the steady GDP growth to rising oil prices in the world market over last five years. Other trends are cause for alarm. The production of goods in Kazakhstan makes up only 41% of the economy, whereas the service sector holds 53. 5%. In reality, the annual GDP growth rate is much slower in Kazakhstan than in neighboring Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, where the economy is beginning to outpace the performance of Kazakhstan (Epoha, August 20). The complex relations among the Central Asian states help explain the political value Astana sees in gaining WTO membership. Kazakhstan, praised by Washington as a leading market economy in Central Asia, had its pride wounded when Kyrgyzstan became the first in the region to join the World Trade Organization. While Russia and Kazakhstan have declared their intention to synchronize WTO accession efforts within the Eurasian Economic Community, little substantive work has been done. Dozens of interstate and intergovernmental agreements aimed at regulating railway tariffs and removing customs barriers remain largely unimplemented. Nevertheless, on August 24 Prime Minister Akhmetov, in talks with CIS executive committee chairman Vladimir Rushailo, resurrected the subject of integration within the CIS and coordinated entry into WTO. Yet the Prime Ministers optimism contrasts with reality. Many regional managers are from the older generation and offer stiff resistance to the introduction of ISO standards. They favor closer ties with Russia and harbor suspicion of international institutions like the WTO. The most widespread fear is that, if Kazakhstan becomes the member of the WTO, foreign goods will flood domestic markets, driving local industries to ruin. However, there is a growing recognition that Kazakhstan needs WTO membership. Although no date has been set for Kazakhstans WTO accession, it is becoming clear that the country will join this organization. Earlier this year, the government launched an industrial innovation program to stimulate the introduction of high-tech methods into the production process.

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Teachers and Wireless Computing Essay example -- Education, Teaching

Assumptions This proposed study has five assumptions. First, the survey will be assessable to all teachers. Second, teachers will access and complete the survey. Third, the assessment is receptive enough to assess teachers’ technological attitudes. Forth, administering of a self-reported questionnaire will also assume that participants provide truthful responses from a onetime posttest (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010). Last, the responses will give the indication that there is a need to offer advance technology training initiatives for teachers. Limitations The initial limitations of this study involve the limited time frame for data collection. Another limitation is the researchers inability to assess the precise amount of time teachers will spend using an online network. The next limitation is the research site will be in a rural school system and not a suburban or urban school system. The XYZ system under review only has four schools with a population of approximately 108 teachers. The final limitation is teachers’ use of available technology within their classroom due to possible technophobia or a lack of training or skills. Therefore, based on the quantitative nature of the study, this investigation is better fit to present an account for teaching-learning with wireless laptops within K–12 classrooms, as opposed to a qualitative or mixed method investigation of the phenomenon (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010). Scope This study’s scope connects to the research question, â€Å"Do teachers' attitudes towards technology, including their eagerness and curiosity to use it in their teaching, impact the integration of wireless laptops into their instructional practices?† The study will only utilize the teachers within the XYZ district and ... ...010; Zucker & King, 2009) in K–12 classrooms effectively. The purpose of this quantitative, pre-experimental study will investigate whether XYZ teachers are curious and eager to advance their technology skills. Advanced technology skills can provide additional teaching opportunities based on teachers’ self-reported responses. In chapter 2, the literature will examine various scholars’ books, articles and journals that provide the account of the problem and conceptual framework of this study. Chapter 3, will explain the methodology of the research, including the design, sample, environment, instrumentation, data collection, treatment, data analysis, validity, reliability, and ethical considerations. Chapter 4 will provide the study's results. Finally, chapter 5 will discuss the outcomes, implications for social change, and recommendations for future research.

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Philosophical thinking Essay

There are many forms of philosophical thinking that humans tend to immerse themselves into. Sometimes, even the realm of self idolatry can be a subject of one’s happiness in pursuit of his own idea of what is satisfactory. In a more conventional identification of this act, vanity can become an obsession and may induce certain effects to one’s character. According to Wikipedia, vanity is a form of self gratification with regards to one’s belief about his or her attractiveness and abilities. Most of the time, people with this philosophy tend to excessively compliment themselves without entertaining any forms of negative perception from the people around them. In religious perspectives, vanity is a form of idolatry to oneself in which a person may become too overwhelmed with his characteristics that he tends to ignore any other beings superior than what he is supposed to be, bypassing the concept of god. In modern times, vanity can be easily spotted and may be identified to almost all societies in the world. One may identify a vain person by simply observing the way he acts with regards to how he projects himself to the public. For example, a person may always need to do make up retouching, consistently apply perfumes and even always engage in small acts of looking for runs and protruding fibers out of his clothes. In some cases, vanity can also be identified not only in physical perspectives but also in one’s philosophy. Vain people tend to always tell self proclaimed abilities about how they can handle situations which seem to be a problem for others. With such acts, some people may even interpret them as a form of arrogance. It would be a fulfilling experience if someone will tell you compliments about how you look and praise what you can do, but the aim to always look forward for this reactions from people can become an obsession and may lead to vanity. Works Cited Wikipedia. November 7 2007. Vanity. Wikipedia-The Free Encyclopedia. November 19, 2007 http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Vanity.

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The Life and Accomplishments of Julius Caesar - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 440 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/03/26 Category History Essay Level High school Tags: Julius Caesar Essay Did you like this example? Hello! I am Julius Caesar. I came from one of Romes oldest family, the Julii, who go all the way back to Romes founder, Romulus, and according to myth, the goddess Venus. I was born on July 13, 100 B.C. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Life and Accomplishments of Julius Caesar" essay for you Create order Because I was born in a time of multiple problems in the Roman Republic, I would use these problems to advance my power. My impact on Rome was leading it to become a powerhouse in the ancient world by using different methods to rule Rome, expand my rule, territory, and popularity, and helping Rome have a good reputation some parts of the ancient world. I maintained Marian connections restored Marius monuments that were dismantled under Sulla in 65 B.C. to gain a good reputation. They increased my popularity that eventually helped me look at one day being consul for 59 B.C. I made the first Roman Triumvirate, which consisted of me and two other men, Pompey and Crassus. I made the group primarily to help me reach consulship, but a secondary effect of the group was to help me rule Rome later on. The relationship between me and Pompey was strengthened when my daughter, Julia, married Pompey in 58 B.C. I also took control of Gaul, or present day France to expand the rule of the Triumvirate. Even though I had some trouble keeping it under control at first, I eventually got it under control. I made myself the first Roman dictator in an attempt to replace an useless oligarchy. I couldnt risk another person like Pompey betraying me. Finally, I also made an overseas expedition to Britain in 55-54 B.C. and started to conquer them, which caused excitement in Rome and accelerated my popularity. I was killed by a conspiracy of people including my best friend, Brutus, and some other people, who stabbed my to death in the Senate Chamber on March 15, 44 B.C. Just after my death, Brutus made a speech at my funeral that helped unite Rome for a small moment, but when my best friend and advisor Mark Antony spoke, he turned Rome against Brutus and the conspiracy. My death caused a civil war in Rome against the conspiracy for killing me. Brutus and one of his friends from the conspiracy, Cassius, fought against Mark Antony, and my grandnephew, Octavian. Octavian would make a second Triumvirate. At the end of all of it, Cassius committed suicide as he thought that they were going to lose and Brutus did the same shortly after. My grandnephew, Octavian, succeeded me as ruler of Rome. That is what I, Julius Caesar did during my l ifetime and how I impacted Rome.